miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Diego Gomes.

School's out, it's summertime. 
I know a girl and I wish she were mine. 
I think about her but she's by best friend's girl.
Whoa Oooh! 
He doesn't know what's on my mind. 
He doesn't know she's with me tonight. 
She tells me everything, we go out everywhere.
I know it's wrong but I don't care.

Cause she's my best friend's girl. 
Now I'm living in my best friend's world.
Cause she's the only one for me the only girl I need. 
And she's gonna be mine somehow. 
You know that she's my best friend's girl. 
Can't stop living in my best friend's world. 
Cause she's the only one for me the only girl I need.                                                 And I'm losing my best friend now, for my best friend's girl.

Oooh, uh, oh, uh. Oooh, uh, oh, uh. 

He's telling me that things are fine.
With every word it's like I'm losing my mind. 
She says they always fight all day and every night. 
But when she's with me it's all alright.


When she looks at me I can hardly breathe. 
She keeps telling me that we're meant to be together now. 
School's in, it's study-time. 
I know a girl and now she's mine.


Oooh, uh, oh, uh. Oooh, uh, oh, uh, for my best friend's girl. (repeat)

He elegido crear una entrada con esta canción porque su letra transmite lo que estoy viviendo por una chica. La letra no narra cien por cien mi historia porque ella no está con mi mejor amigo sino que con una persona que no conozco...

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